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RGB PC Repair

Ready Game Begin now offers PC related tech services. Hosted by yours truly, Robin, the owner, he has over 4 years experience in PC repair, software, and troubleshooting related services in a wide variety of categories. For questions, please send us an email on our contacts page.

Robin's Certifications : A+ Certified, A.S. Cisco Routing and Project Design, A.S. Microsoft Server Administration, PC Micro Repair.

Pricing as follows*:

Hardware Repair/Installtion (Non screen) = $35

Virus Removal = $70

PC Optimization = $25

Software Restore = $40

Laptop Repair (Non Screen) = $50

Laptop Repair - Screen - $125

Windows - Re-install - $50

Hard Drive Data Recovery - $80

*Prices are services/labor only, parts are paid by the customer (or brought in).