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RGB Gaming

HP Omen Gaming PCs, PS5!!, XBOX Series X!, Nintendo Switch, and Oculus VR, and Orlando's only KAT VR Omnidirectional Treadmill

Orlando's ONLY gaming lounge, Anime Shop, and Maid and Butler Cafe.

RGB Gaming Beer

Maid and Butler Cafe

Featuring a variety of kawaii food designs, beer and beverages!

RGB Gaming Esports

Weekly Gaming Tournaments

Orlando's largest local weekly venue for gaming tournaments.


All competitors pricing based on respective websites

Arcade Monsters
$19.99/ day pass.

We offer 7/hr, $15 for all day pass!

Top Golf Orlando
$30/hr : Open - 12pm
$40/hr : 12pm - 5pm
$50/hr : 5pm - 6pm
Limit of 6 people at one time

We offer unlimited gaming all day for $15

Andretti's Indoor Karting and Gaming
$19.95 single adult race ~8 minutes
$11.95 single junior race ~8 minutes
Need we say more?

P.S. we are unlimited allday gaming for $15!

SplitsVille Disney Springs
10:30am - 4pm M-F
$17/person for 1 hour
Parties of 7 or more are allowed 1hr 45min

We are unlimited gaming all day for $15